Ebola Outbreak


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Stay Informed and Educate Others 

Important resources and information for Healthcare Workers and various settings is readily available on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) website. Click here for CDC website.  

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Nursing Student Groups Visit in October

Senior nursing students from Utica College School of Nursing visited the Center for Nursing this month. As a component of their leadership course, they learned about the work of Foundation and its centers. This is the 4th year that senior Utica College nursing students have included this day-long visit as part of their leadership course.


Nursing students from The Sage Colleges Department of Nursing visited the Center for Nursing to learn about the history of nursing in New York State and tour the displays at the Center.





New Acquisitions to the Archive

The collections at the Bellevue Alumnae Center for Nursing History Archive continues to grow. Pictured are some of our newest acquisitions.